I am John Medcraft from hampshire in the United Kingdom. Im a Cisco CCSI and a CCNP R&S working for fastlane Education in the UK.

I started my IT career in 2002 in collage studying a diploma in electronics and computer systems.  My first IT role was back in 2005 working for lage helpdesk providing first line support.

After a few years in January 2009 I moved to Fastlane Education to start as a technical support assistant primarily working with cisco technologies.  Working for a Cisco Learning Partner gave me me ability to work with some of the best engineers and instructors out there and continuously learn the latest and gratest products that are on the market.

In October 2015 I completed my Cisco CCSI (35256) status to become and instructor myself.  Why did I become  an instructor?  I have leant so much from such a good talent pool I decieded I wanted to give back and teach those who want to learn.  Some topics  can be difficalt to learn but should that stop people developing there skills and personal development.  this is also the reason for me to start to learn to blog and add additional content out on the web.

I am continuously developing in diffrent areas with wireless and analytics being my primary focus and in the short future I will hopefully spend some time learning about IOT and Cloud as im sure you may agree if you know about IOT it looks like it is the future.

If  anyone is looking to develop and learn some of the technoligies I am drop me a line on my email or Linkedin as I would like to hear from you.